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Birds Do It, Bugs Do It

This image is different dimensions than the slideshow. We chose the settings to trim off the excess to make it fit perfectly. But you don't have to.

This HTML5 and jQuery Slideshow loves advanced use cases

Add as much Custom HTML as you could possibly want.
Be creative! 言語的である!

A few last details

  • Mouseover to pause the slideshow
  • You can reuse the same slide over as many times as you want!
  • There are some Video Tutorials to watch to help you get a better feel
  • The Manual has a cheat sheet worth checking out...a lot

Feature Updates

Feature Updates will be happening on the Features Page


See some video examples of C- Pres using the slideshow.

Looking for the Premium Edition?

Head to our Membership Options page. Unless you’re already a Member.

WordPress Download

Check out our page on WordPress.org for more info and to download the latest free edition!

Head straight to the FAQs

Need Support?

Head to the forums!

Interested in Extending Satellite?

Developers Welcome! Head to the Developers Page and learn easy it is take advantage of the powerful Satellite Engine. No bother recreating the wheel for a WordPress image displaying plugin :)

Extra Details

Slideshow Satellite follows the WordPress GPL License

Slideshow Satellite uses the open source slideshow of ZURB: Orbit

Check out the example pages on the top and bottom for different ways the Satellite can be used.

Make sure to resize your browser to checkout the responsiveness!

Definitely check out the Manual. It’s made for easy printing cheat sheet :)

No Google Account? Here’s the Manual as of 1/20/12 in PDF.


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