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What is Membership all about? 

Just give me the Premium Edition (single use)! (starting at $7)

After payment and registration, this link will work: Download Premium Edition
You get a single download of the most current stable plugin, ready to be uploaded on your site through the WordPress upload tool. Warning! If you go the one-time download route and in the future want to take advantage of the new features we’re constantly rolling out, you will have to pay again. If you work with photography or take pride in maintaining a current looking website, you may want to become a Supporter. Choose Payment Level 7 10 

Membership level Supporter (starting at $15)

For as little as $15 a year (prices may rise so get on board quickly!), you will have access to the Members Page which grants access to the Slideshow Satellite plugin. Download the latest version as many times as you like. New features
are constantly being added and you will be the first to know! I’m excited about giving my members access to all of my major projects, plugins, and web design ideas. You too can be a part of this rapidly
changing web design landscape! Choose Support Level 15 18 

Membership level Gold Plugin Supporter (starting at $30)

My Gold Plugin members make it possible for me to offer you so many wonderful and useful slideshow features. In return, I respond to the suggestions and opinions of my Gold members with new features and upgrades. These members also have the option of linking their slideshows on the Slideshow Satellite website.

If it weren’t for my gold level supporters I would certainly have much less done on this slideshow than you’re currently able to take advantage of. In appreciation, I often offer a much preferred level of
support and weigh towards the opinions of Gold members for future upgrades and feature requests. For those interested I also offer a link on the site to a page with your slideshow.