Hello, Welcome to the C-Pres solution lab

The C-Pres Goal

is to focus on solutions to major problems. The capability to reach these solutions is already there, and we believe getting there quickly is possible. What we need is easier access to better information. Now that communication tools have advanced we can utilize them to make major changes. If you need Online compress video tool, check this link Comprimir videos

Pioneers for the Food System Wanted!

Are you passionate about the food system? Are you interested in helping make a change to increase local organic foods into our communities? Do you realize the importance of increasing allergen awareness within the food industry? We want you as a pioneer.

Content for All

We are in the time where educating people is a core need. Satellite is my tool for easily bringing content to users in a more experiential way.

Did you enjoy Slideshow Gallery Pro?

Without a doubt you’re going to love Slideshow Satellite even more. We’ve taken SGPro and completely revamped it to have all the features we always wanted with it. Multiple slideshows in one page, play and pause button, multiple transitions and the list keeps going. Just want the Slideshow Gallery Pro Premium from Cameron Preston? It’s on the Members Page!

Full Thumbnail Display Option

You can also display all of your thumbnails in a group to the left or right of your image display. Slideshow Satellite is highly customizable with how you can treat thumbnails through spacing and margins. Have fun with it!

Satellite Manual – January 2014

Version 2.2

Slideshow Satellite (herein Satellite), has used the foundation of Orbit by ZURB and greatly enhanced it to create a unique and highly customizable slideshow experience on WordPress.

Cheat Sheet

* means its for the Premium Edition only.
Example embed:[satellite gallery=1 transition=fade-empty caption=on auto=off thumbs=off splash=on w=500 h=300]Some new Premium Embed options include:background, infobackground, autospeed, and animspeedGS


Plugin not loading on your page?

Chances are the satellite CSS and JS aren’t being loaded.

To verify this: View Source and search for “satellite” you should see a orbit-min.js, and orbit-css.php and orbit.css files all being loaded into your page. If not, for whatever reason it’s not reading the [satellite] on your page. This has to be on the page being read by WordPress, the reason being that otherwise the css and javascript would load on every page, and that’s just bad website development.

Go to Advanced Settings and turn off ‘Shortcode Requirement’ – it will then load the css and js on every page.

The Solution

[satellite display=off]

Add this tag onto the most parent page being called by WordPress, where either your template is being called the page/post, or you’re using another plugin to add a page with the plugin etc…

On Manage Slides I only see a few images out of many!!!

We are using an “Infinite Scroll” to load the images, it does this by scrolling and seeing that you need to scroll more. Resize your browser to show the scroll bar and reload your page 🙂

Still Having Issues?

You may be dealing with a conflict with your theme or other plugins. To really test, if it works with Twenty-Fourteen theme and no other plugins active it’s a conflict.

Learning More..

Thumbnail Options Visual

A closer look at Full-Left and Full-right.

Navigational Push

Step 1 – Under Appearance and Styles, enter a Navigational Push 78px.

Step 2 – Under Thumbnail Settings, enter a Thumbnails Margin of 65px

What will this do? – This pushes your navigational arrows out there full width of 78 pixels, and pushes your thumbnails down 65 pixels where your default captions can then lay on top of them without obstructing the image.

Using Rich Text

Important: Single quotes is the key!


Preloading happens for the first 20 thumbnails and the first large image by default. More large images can be added through customization on the Premium Settings.

Premium Edition:

When switching to the Premium Edition, after you download the new file you will need to deactivate and delete your free edition. None of your images will be deleted in this process and none of your current slideshow configuration settings will be lost either. Deleting is simply deleting the files so we can make room to add the new files. Under Plugins -> Add New ->:

In your configuration page this will appear

Premium Embed Options from up above:

As of 1.3.4, these are unique per page the slideshow is located. You can’t, say have different background colors for 3 different slideshows on a single page. Some of these may not work if you’re calling a wordpress gallery from a page outside of that gallery (aka [satellite post_id=34] when you’re not on page 34.

[satellite nav=off]

  • This turns off the arrows. Especially useful when using fullright and fullleft

[satellite align=left]

  • Align your slideshow to the left or right (floats the wrapper div)

[satellite w=400 h=300]

  • Set the width and height of your slideshow to be different dependant on the particular page you’re on

[satellite background=transparent] OR [satellite background=#222222]

  • Change the background to be different for slideshows

[satellite infobackground=#FFFFFF]

  • Change the background of the information aka captions

[satellite autospeed=2000]

  • The time between slideshows
  • regular is 5000 so 2000 will be pretty fast. 800 is even faster

[satellite animspeed=600]

  • the time the transition takes between two slideshows
  • calculated in the same style of speed as the above. 3000 would be SLOW
  • To have a flipbook feel you’ll want a low autospeed AND animspeed

[satellite gallery=2,4,5]

  • Show in a tabbed view multiple galleries viewable by their title
  • customize styling on your theme’s style.css
    • “.satl-gal-title” and “.satl-gal-title a” are the stylings worth customizing

[satellite gallery=2 spash=on]

  • When this is called the first image from the slideshow will be used as a splash image for your gallery. Instead of loading the gallery it will only load this image with a play button. When that play button is clicked the slideshow will be loaded through Ajax. This can also be used with multiple galleries.

Multiple Satellites on a Single Page

Since the sizes for the slideshow are sent through CSS, only one size is allowed per page (ie, one load of CSS). Although, with the responsiveness of the slideshow, if you make sure the slideshow is wrapped in a <div style=width:300px>[satellite]</div> the slideshow should resize into the proper sizing. Which means you should default to the larger size.


Video instructions can be found:  here

As of version 2.0, you can apply watermarking to your images. You’ll see the watermarking configuration options in the Premium Settings area.

Step 1 – Enable Watermarking in configuration section

Step 2 – Create a new gallery entitled “Watermark” and add the PNG or JPG you’re wishing to add as the watermark.

Step 3 – If you’re doing your own opacity on a PNG-24 leave opacity at 100%. If you lower opacity the watermark may come out boxy. Please play around your image and settings before doing a bulk upload

Step 4 – Add a test image or 2 to apply your watermark to.

Watermarks can be applied one of two ways:

  1. Uploading new images
  2. Applying Watermark to image from ‘Manage Slides’ in the bulk actions section

Step 5 Just disable watermarking once you’re done with it.

Other Extras

More Navigational Arrows

Multiple Slideshows on a single page!

Left and Right arrows on Keyboard navigate your slideshow (optional)